Ingredient control

For us, ingredient control is a matter of principle. Being attentive consumers ourselves before traders, we are aware that sometimes certifying bodies allow manufacturers to use ingredients that have little to do with the eco-sustainability and safety of those who use them. Not to mention the factories that claim to be natural or eco-organic, but which instead offer traditional "natural-looking" cosmetics. We control the ingredients of all products avoiding raw materials potentially harmful to humans, even if accepted by the certifying body (in line with available and reachable information). We admit some synthetic pigments as long as they are not potentially harmful to those who use them. The possible presence of synthetic pigments is however reported in each product info sheet under the heading "BioVeganShop Note".

We always responsibly select brands and products. Immediatly our opinion was clear: only the best brands in the national and international eco-organic scene, no animal ingredients, no cosmetics tested on animals, no harmful ingredient for human beings and possibly for the environment. We admit the hive ingredients, but we are committed to not offering any dedicated line (you will not find any honey line for example ...) and reporting the ingredient in the product info sheet.

CI77288 (Chromium trioxide): The chromium in this case is trivalent and in theory non-toxic. The pigment is however considered an ingredient with red dot on the Biodictionary. We at BioVeganShop believe that it is possible to obtain excellent greens even without the CI77288. We report the presence of the ingredient in question when present in the formula in each product sheet, under the heading "BioVeganShop Note".

Cetrimonium Chloride: It is an ingredient used in hair products, being a quaternary ammonium salt it is toxic to the aquatic environment and to all its inhabitants. It is a non biodegradable ingredient. It is present in the detangling conditioner of Verdesativa and in some hair care products of Nacomi. We report the presence of the ingredient in question in each product sheet, under the heading "BioVeganShop Note".

We avoid products (even if certified) that include among their ingredients:

  • Fluorine: There are numerous studies that prove the harm that fluorine causes to human beings (especially in the brain) and the same number that demonstrate the poor efficacy of fluoride when applied to the teeth, indeed a high concentration can "stain" the teeth and weaken them. the Polish. Fluorine is one of the most important ingredients present in psycho-drugs, which is all a saying ... Fluorine is an industrial (toxic) waste, for this reason we only offer toothpastes and mouthwashes without fluoride.
  • CI77288 (Chromium trioxide): The chromium in question is trivalent and in theory non-toxic. Hexavalent chromium instead is a carcinogen of high toxicity. There is a risk that the trivalent oxidation-oxidative chromium will pass into the hexavalent state, making it toxic to the body. It is possible to obtain excellent greens even without the CI77288.
  • CI75470 (Carmine): Carmine is a dark red hue that takes its name from a natural dye, obtained from the dried body of an insect, known as the Cochineal of carmine. We are convinced that you can have beautiful shades of red even without using this dye derived from dead insects.
  • Cetrimonium Chloride: It is an ingredient used mainly in balm hair, being a quaternary ammonium salt is toxic to the aquatic environment and to all its inhabitants. It is an absolutely non-biodegradable ingredient.
  • Chemical sunscreens: We avoid any product formulated with chemical sunscreens of any ending. Chemical filters are very complex molecules that absorb radiation (yielding free radicals), as opposed to physical ones (minerals or plants) that instead reflect the sun's rays. Recent research has shown that chemical filters end up in breast milk and amniotic fluid when used during pregnancy / lactation.
  • Nail polish ingredients: We offer only 100% natural nail varnishes, because even in those commonly called "eco-bio", but that are not eco-bio, there are chemical ingredients such as polymers and acrylates, harmful to the nails, for the person who uses them (they are volatile and therefore they are breathed during the application), for the environment and for the people who produce them.
  • Lanolin, glycerine and other animal ingredients: We avoid any animal ingredients, including lanolin and glycerine. All the products in our catalog presenting the "glycerin" ingredient are formulated with vegetable glycerin. We accept only honey, propolis and beeswax, with the manufacturer's guarantee that come from a series beekeeping and respectful of the insect. Products that have a hive ingredient are marked with this icon:Ingrediente dell'alveare - No Vegan
  • Aluminum salts: We do not propose any deodorant that contains aluminum salts (potassium alum) among the ingredients. This is because the function of this natural ingredient is to minimize transpiration, thus avoiding sweating and forcing the body to behave unnaturally.
  • Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate: Its name in INCI is Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, it is an ingredient used as a preservative, unfortunately it is a crevice of formaldehyde (carcinogenic substance).
  • Diisopropyl Sebacate: Emollient used in different formulations of cosmetics but also of make-up products, not accepted because of animal origin.
  • Hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde: Strong allergen of synthetic origin.
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