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Content 100 ml
  • Promotes concentration
  • It gives balance
  • Bamboo wood
  • Preservative free
  • Without synthetic ingredients
  • 100% natural incense

Vegan  Cruelty free - Non testato su animali

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Pink incense - Bioteko

This incense has balancing properties, increases concentration and promotes mental alertness. Bioteko incenses are produced exclusively from natural products (aromatic plants, resins and essential oils), are ecological and do not contain solvents, preservatives or synthetic products.

Bioteko natural incenses are composed of four components:

  • The dried bamboo stick

  • Essential oil, which guarantees its fragrance

  • Colored iron oxides

  • Base (composed of a mixture of resin, sandalwood, aromatic herbs, plant extracts, gum arabic) which with its "cohesive and combustive" function allows the incense to burn on the stick.

The resin used is pure natural odorless which does not undergo transformations with the addition of chemicals but is worked exclusively with natural products that give a pleasant fragrance that can be inhaled without causing allergies.

Resin example:

  • Benzoin of Siam: Balsamic resin, secretion of the bark of trees of the genus Styrax;

  • Myrrh: Fragrant and aromatic resin with a reddish brown color produced by the Commiphora mirrha plant;

  • Olibanum: Resin extracted from the genus of Boswellia plants found in Africa and India.

Incense has several uses:

  • Purify the rooms and increase concentration.

  • Calm and relax. The scents produced by the resins contribute to increasing calm

  • Revitalizing and energizing. Some incenses have the ability to energize and help recover lost strength and vitality.

  • To meditate.


100% natural incense

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100 ml
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